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6 unexpected factors that put you at risk of heart disease

Every 60 seconds, a women will die from heart disease in the U.S., according to the American Heart Association. Heart disease is the number one killer of women (and men) in America, but it’s not always just giving upย cigarettes and stepping away fromย donut box that willย save you. It’s a little more involved than that. It is true that the biggest risk factors for heart disease are obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and high blood pressure, according to the AHA, but as a women, there are other factors than increase your risk of blocked arteries as well. Little did you know that when you were growing up, your likelihood for developing heart disease was beginning to form. While you couldn’t decide at what age you got your period or whether you’ve had heartbreak, you can avoid other lesser-known stressors like diet pills. February is Heart Healthy Month, and if you’re serious…