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8 things you never knew about LaCroix

Once a drink favored by Midwestern moms, in recent years LaCroix has bubbled to the top of soda sales all over the United States. In the The low-calorie sparkling water beverage caught the eye of Americans, particularly Millennials, looking for a healthier alternative to regular sodas. Since the early 2000s, sales have exploded. And everyone seems to have a ranking on their favorite flavor. Here are a few things you might not know about this new beverage icon in your grocery aisle: 1. It’s PRONOUNCED la-croy The fizzy, flavored water has developed a seriously loyal following in recent years, yet many fans don’t pronounce the name correctly. If you’ve been faking some fancy French accent and saying “La-Kwah,” you should save yourself the embarrassment. The real name rhymes with “enjoy.” How can we be certain? It’s on the La Croix website. 2. What’s that mean? Lacroix translates to “The Cross” in French. 3. easy going origins LaCroix was invented in 1981…