Buttered Popcorn defends title as America’s favorite jelly bean

Attention candy fans! If you ever needed a reason to scoop up some extra jelly beans, this is your weekend. Easter and National Jelly Bean Day fall back to back (April 21st and 22nd), creating the perfect storm for sweet eaters. This year, an estimated 16 billion beans will be eaten just for the Easter season (That many jelly beans could make it 1/3 of the way to the moon!). But while most people agree jelly beans are delicious, that’s where our similarities end. It seems that state-by-state we differ in what jelly bean flavors we find most delicious. Source: CandyStore.com. Some states savor the fruity flavors. Florida, Washington, and New Hampshire prefer pear, while Nebraska, New Mexico, Iowa, and Utah choose cherry. Watermelon is a favorite in Oregon and Alabama, but blueberry is best according to Pennsylvanians, West Virginians, and Indianians. Buttered Popcorn gets the love of both California…

What’s the most popular Christmas candy in each state?

Halloween has come and gone, but with Christmas right around the corner, we’re still living in the season of sweets. This month of the year we’re more about chocolate Santas than Snickers and candy canes than candy corns, but preferences vary from state to state. Online retailer Candystore.com recently asked 30,000 of its customers to vote for their favorite Christmas candy in order to see how America’s sweet too varies state to state. And the results show that where you live definitely plays a part in your Christmas candy tastes and traditions. Source: CandyStore.com. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups gets love from 10 different states, but others are all about Christmas exclusive candies like peppermint bark and chocolate Santas. Eight states pick candy canes as their favorite Christmas candy. Six chose holiday-colored M&Ms, and five preferred red, green, and white “reindeer corn” — the holiday version of candy corn. PEZ was…