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Otter Pops releases icy pop without artificial dyes

Ice pops make sweltering summer days a little more manageable. But this summer, you may notice a change in one of the most popular brands of the frozen juice treat. Otter Pops is trading in its rainbow collection of blue, green, red, and orange pops in favor of a new “colorless” version. But ridding its product of artificial colors and dyes isn’t the only step Otter Pops is taking to create a healthier summer treat. The new-and-improved Pops are made with 100 percent fruit juice, so while they might not be as pretty, they’re much better for you. If you’re someone who swears by blue raspberry there’s no need to sweat! The Pops might have been stripped of their iconic colors, but the flavors remain the same. Choose from Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Sir Isaac Lime, Alexander the Grape, Poncho Punch, Strawberry Short Kook, and Little Orphan Orange. Imagine. Enjoying an icy…

Is there a difference between apple cider and apple juice?

Apples are the star fruit of fall: Whether they’re baked in a pie or spiced in a sauce, it’s obvious we love celebrating the return of apple season. But there’s one way we can consume apples that causes confusion even among the most ardent apple connoisseurs โ€” cider. More specifically, what’s the difference between the stuff we scoop up exclusively during September and October at markets and that other stuff available on the grocery shelf all year long? This is how you make apple cider: Here is the difference between apple cider and apple juice: Apple Cider Apple cider is made from fresh apples that have been pressed into liquid. To make apple cider, apples are first washed and cut, then ground into a mash that’s about the consistency of apple sauce. The mash is then wrapped in burlap cloth and placed between wooden racks. A hydraulic press squeezes…