For Italians, pizzelle have always made the holidays

Pizzelle, piazelle or pizzele. However you spell it, to Italians, there is no feast without them. Another holiday season is approaching, and with it will be stacks of gorgeous golden pizzelle. As we bite into this crispy confection and gorge on three or four biscuits before dinner even begins, we should take a minute and consider what this cookie has meant to families for millennia. The pizzelle’s often misspelled, mispronounced name, comes from the Italian word “pizze” meaning “round” and “flat”. Many other cultures have adopted versions of the thin cookie and renamed it accordingly. The Belgians have the lukken, and the Norwegians call it krumkake. But the central Italian region of Abruzzo is credited with creating the first pizzelle, and on a grander scale, what is thought to be the world’s first cookie. Centuries ago, families would have pizzelle irons customized with their family crests or other meaningful designs. The irons would be passed down for generations. Modern day pizzelle makers are…