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Consumer Reports finds alarming levels of heavy metals in kids’ fruit juice

A new study will be hard to swallow for some well-meaning parents. A recent study by Consumer Reports found concerning levels of potentially dangerous metals in many kids’ fruit juices. Arsenic, cadmium, and lead were found in beloved brands including Whole Food’s 365 Everyday Value, Juicy Juice, Honest Kids, Minute Maid, Welch’s, and more. Also see: Learn to make your own juice at home. The watchdog group tested 45 fruit juices sold nationwide, including grape, apple, pear, and fruit blends. More than half of the juices tests for those three heavy metals. Overall, heavy metals in fruit juices have gone down since a similar CR test in 2011, but  Consumer Report’s Chief Scientific Officer James Dickerson, Ph.D. warns we shouldn’t be comfortable with that alone. “People should still be concerned that test heavy metals are still being found in juice products… and take action so they can ensure that they…

Drinking two cans of soda per day might double your chance of dying from heart disease

More bad news for carbonated corn syrup lovers. The American Heart Association released new research results showing a link between consuming sugary drinks — like soda, fruit juice, and other artificially sweetened beverages — and an increased risk of death from heart disease. The study, led by Jean Welsh, professor at Emory University, looked at data from 17,930 adults aged 45 and older over a six year time period. Participants had no previous history of heart disease, stroke or diabetes. What they found was alarming. Study participants who drank 24 ounces or more — that’s about two cans of soda — had twice the risk of dying from coronary artery disease than those who averaged less than one ounce per day. Even when controlling for other factors such as race, income, education, activity levels and smoking habits, the risk of death by coronary disease was still double that of non-sugary beverage drinkers. The…