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15 foods you need to eat before the end of summer

Summer is still in full swing, but we can’t help but notice September sneaking up on us. While the fall brings its own delightful foods (hellooo pumpkin spice!), once summer has slipped by, you just can’t enjoy a juicy watermelon in quite the same way. Take this as your summer foods PSA: Head to the market and get cooking these 15 quintessential summer foods before it’s too late! Blueberry pie Don’t miss out on homemade blueberry pie! A big juicy slice is simply a summer-must. You can even wash and freeze some berries now, if you want to prolong your blueberry pie calendar. That way, you can enjoy them for another month or two.  Get the recipe. Vegetarian SPINach, ricotta stuffed peppers Use up those beautiful summer peppers in the best way we know how — stuffed peppers. Make this recipe tonight. Caprese Summer Rolls Perhaps you’re a fan of…

The best blueberry pie recipe

Fall has apple pie. The holidays have pumpkin pie. Spring screams for strawberry rhubarb, and summer? It’s all about the blueberries. Nothing says summer like a fresh and flaky homemade blueberry pie. Don’t let September set in before you get around to making this sweet summer staple. The blueberry filling is relatively easy to make. Blueberries are great because they don’t require any chopping and barely any prep work. Just take a few moments to weed out any bad blueberries, remove any stray stems, and give them a quick rinse and a good shake. You don’t even have to dry them! Toss them in sugar and flour, and you’re pretty much good-to-go. It’s true that the pie crust takes a certain level of practice, but follow these tips and you’ll master the craft in no time: 1. Keep your ingredients super cold.  Don’t remove anything from the fridge until you are…