Image credit: Williams Sonoma

If only we could all have a meal as magical as the one Lumiere and Mrs. Potts prepare for Belle. In arguably the most iconic scene from Beauty and the Beast, the gracious host and hostess ask Belle to “put their service to the test” as dozens of dishes, cups and spoons dance around the dining room.

That day at Beast’s Castle, the service actually could have been better if they had a few of the new Beauty and the Beast special edition Le Creuset brand pots to warm their soups, stews and sauces. Unfortunately for them, the pots weren’t around then and will only be available for a limited time beginning March 7.

The Beauty and the Beast soup pot ($280) was created by Williams Sonoma and Le  Creuset in anticipation of the live-action film by the same name coming this month.

The cobalt-blue, cast-iron pots have an embellished lid with a hand-applied rose and vine appliqué outlined in gold. A stainless-steel knob atop the lid is engraved with the words “Be Our Guest,” which is sure to make any Disney-lover’s heart swoon.

Only 500 will be available online or in Williams Sonoma and Le Creuset stores.

The price tag might be steep for some, but just like Beast and Belle’s love, the piece is classic, timeless and will never go out of style — Awww!




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