Image credit: Molinari Private Reserve

If you gave up alcohol or coffee for Lent this year, this one is going to hurt.

The folks at Molinari Private Reserves, a Nappa Valley café, have created a wine-infused coffee. Yes, your two most beloved beverages have merged, so you can have the most magical of mornings.

The company website says that the full-bodied coffee beans “relax in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history, then the coffee is carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches.”


The result is a wine-infused coffee that smells like wine but tastes like coffee with the essence of blueberry.

The MPR website says the more milk you add, the more it will taste like wine. They also add that letting the coffee sit a while improves the flavors — just like wine.

The beans can be prepared anyway you like — Latte, Espresso, French Press, Cold, Black or used as a rub.

The coffee is only infused with wine for flavor (yes, it’s non-alcoholic), which is actually pretty smart. Even though Robert Mondavi was known to have wine with his morning coffee, chances are you’re not a late, great, leading California winemaker, and shouldn’t start everyday by drinking.

Select stores near Nappa Valley will be selling the wine coffee. It’s will also be available online for $20. The 1/2 bags should be back in stock soon — the first batch sold out, not surprisingly, pretty quickly.




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