Once temperatures start to soar, it’s tempting to pack a cooler full of drinks and hit the shore for a day of lounging in the sand, hanging with friends or family, and sipping your favorite brew. But mixing alcohol and sun can be extremely dangerous. Read on for tips to make sure you have a safe summer.

  1. Dehydration:

    It’s a real thing. Although we say “quench your thirst with a few bottles of booze,” that’s actually not what happens at all. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning, that you actually lose liquids and you continue to drink. Throw in some sun exposure and you can do some damage. Be sure to swap out a few of those beers from some icy cold waters.

  2. Overheating:

    You might wait all year to bask in the heat of the sun at the shore, but heat stroke is also a real thing, and it doesn’t just effect the young and elderly. If you have a few beers you might not even notice you’re unusually nauseous, dizzy and burnt. Make sure you’re getting some shade during your day outside.

  3. Getting burnt:

    After the party gets started and you’ve had a few beers, there is no way you’re remembering to reapply sunscreen. This could lead to serious burns and an immense amount of pain, for days or weeks to come. It also increases your risk for skin answer. Studies have show that drinking alcohol makes your skin much more sensitive to light.

  4. Swimming gets risky:

    You’ve been swimming since you were a kid, but if you’ve been drinking, your balance is off and you’re not as aware of potential hazards like undertows or boat traffic. Stay away from water if your state of mind is seriously altered, and don’t even consider driving a boat while impaired. Sadly, news stories turn up every summer of a day at the beach gone bad when alcohol and boats are involved.

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