Can you believe it’s already August? Summer is in full swing as evident by all of the delicious fruits and vegetables — Hello fresh berries! Yet, we can’t help but notice the fall crops starting to creep in (We’re looking at you apples!).

Despite our growing anxiety that summer is slipping away all-too-soon, it’s hard not to fall in love with August produce. So many fruits make it easy to satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way. Plus, all of those zucchinis and tomatoes make dinner a breeze.

So what should you be being in August? Take this list to the grocery store and pick up some of these in-season fruits and veggies:

All the produce in season in July_apples


Some apples are already hitting the shelves, but in just a week or two markets and stores will have bushels of the brand new crop. Enjoy as a snack, in a dessert, in a salad — this is one fruit that needs to introduction to your kitchen.


Avocados are available year round, but their best season will be coming to an end this month. Scoop them up now, because after this month, prices are likely to spike even higher.

How To: Easy Method For Roasting Beets Can't Be Beet by Everybody Craves


If you haven’t given beets a chance in a few years, reconsider. Try roasting them to bring our their sweetness, then add them to salads, blend into smoothies, and more. They’re such a versatile, nutritious vegetable, you should really give them another go!

Produce What's in season in October? blackberries


Last call for blackberries! Their peak season in from June to August, so grab them now while they’re fresh, local, and on sale. Blackberries have one of the highest antioxidant contents of any foods, so if you’re looking for tasty, healthy snacks don’t miss out.


April to September is peak blueberry season. So make those pies, muffins, and cobblers now.

Moldy foods that are still safe to eat, according to the USDA_carrots


Carrots are ready for harvest about 60-70 days after planting, so depending on where you live, carrots might already be in season. They’re a colorful way to adds necessary vitamins and minerals to your diet.

7 reasons you should eat more cherries_antioxidants


Cherry season is pretty much directly aligned with the summer, so it’s no wonder we think of cheery summer days when we think of snacking on cherries. Try them grilled, on ice cream, in pies and oatmeal, or as a great, easy snack.

All the produce in season in July_corn


Late spring and summer mean corn on the cob everywhere. Shrimp boil, anyone? Learn how to boil corn on the cob perfectly every time.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_cucumbers


Cucumbers have one of the highest percentages of water volume of any fruit or veggies. Snack on some slices when the weather gets hot for extra hydration.

7 fruits and veggies you should never juice


It’s peak season for eggplant — the perfect time to get out the grill or make your famous eggplant parmesan. Look for egg plants with smooth skin and without any soft spots or brown patches.

All the produce in season in July_basil


Cooking in August is easy with so many herbs fresh and ready out your front door. Reach for basil, cilantro, dill, green onions, lavender, oregano, mint, rosemary, and thyme.

7 fruits and veggies you should never juice - mangoes


Look for mangos that have a slight give when gently squeeze. This ones will be ripe and ready to eat right now. If you’re looking to eat them later in the week, buy a mango that is a bit harder.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer


Cantaloupe, watermelon, and more. Get to making that summer fruit salad.

How to ripen peaches perfectly every time


Is there anything better than a fresh, perfectly rip peach? Look for peaches that have a bit of give when you lightly press into their skin. You don’t want a peach that feels hard or mushy.

All the produce in season in July_bellpeppers


Peppers can be found in stores year round, but peak pepper season in July though September. This means you can get a good price on them. Stock up now. Clean, slice and freeze them, and have them handy all year for stir-fries, breakfast bakes, omelets and more.

All the produce in season in July_plums

Plums/Stone fruit

Cherries and peaches fall here, but other stone fruits are in season too. Pick up some nectarines, apricots, plums, or pluots for something a little more unusual.


Potatoes get a bad wrap for being a bit of a bore, but they are quite possibly the most versatile veggie on the planet. Whether you bake them, mash them, slice and fry them, chip them, or make a million other dishes, life without potatoes would actually be pretty boring.

All the produce in season in July_raspberries


Can we ever really get enough juicy red raspberries? Eat them up this month while you can get them at an in-season price.

Luci's Morsels

Summer Squash

Summer squash is available pretty much all year in some regions, but peak season runs from June to August. Shred it into slaw, sauté, or throw it on the grill for a quick and tasty side.

All the produce in season in July_tomatoes


What would summer be without tomatoes? Ripe, juicy, and full of delicious flavor. Look for tomatoes that don’t have bruises or deep cracks. The best tomatoes will be plump and heavy for their size with smooth skins.

All the produce in season in July_zucchini


Zucchini is great as a nutritious side dish (it’s loaded with fiber, Vitamin A and C, and it helps lower cholesterol). It’s also easy to add to pizza, muffins a toss on the grill.

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