No matter where you live in the United States, cook-outs are a much anticipated part of summer. Is there anyone that doesn’t look forward to grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and piling a plate high with all the fixins‘?

To dive further into this American tradition, Walmart tracked sales of hot dogs and hamburgers in every state leading up to the Fourth of July to gauge where the hot dog and hamburger people hail from.

Overwhelmingly, America is a burger nation — a whooping 39 states fell on the burger side of grocery shopping. Maine, Michigan and North Carolina were among the 11 states that made more hot dog purchases.

And what’s a cook-out without condiments and side dishes? Walmart also tracked sales of ketchup, mustard and sides. Ketchup beat mustard in all 50 states while potato salad and coleslaw proved to be the country’s preferred side dishes.

The study also showed that Texans love their buns. The state leads the country in overall hamburger and hot dog bun sales.


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