If you’re on a diet and you don’t take to social media to hashtag about it, are you really on a diet? With all of the #mealprep, #nocarb, and #foodporn hashtags topping the mega-millions on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it seems just about everyone loves posting pictures of their eating habits. But whether it’s people going crazy for keto, those pushing paleo, or those running on nothing but #rawfood, it can be hard to tell which diet is actually trendiest.

Within each diet there is undoubtedly an active community supporting each other and sharing tips and recipes. But which diet has the largest following online?

Researchers at Brandwatch analyzed Twitter to uncover which diet floods feeds with the largest volume of related posts. Then they looked to top “influencers” — those with particularly large followings — to determine which diet trend is most common.

It turns out that going vegan is the hottest diet right now. Among the tweets sampled, veganism took up more tweets than the next two most popular diets combined. Second place went to gluten-free and vegetarian came in third.

It’s unclear whether that many more people are making the move to a meat-free vegan lifestyle or if vegans really do just love to talk about being vegan that much. Though this study sampled Twitter, trends on Instagram seem similar.

With all of the niche, often times dangerous, diets out there, it’s good to see that most people are gravitating toward sensible diets like veganism. It is, however, important to talk to your doctor before starting any diet, whether millions are already posting about it on social media or not.

(h/t The Daily Meal)

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