We all want an accurate — if not favorable — number to show up when we step on a scale at the doctor’s office. But clunky boots, thick sweaters or just the mass of all clothing items combined makes us feel like we’ve been gypped out of learning our real weight.

Well, thanks to a study completed at Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center published in the International Journal of Obesity, we have a ballpark guess as to how much weight we can subtract if weighed while wearing clothes.

The study tracked 50 men and women for an entire year. Every time the participants checked in they were weighed with and without clothes on.

The results?

Women, on average, wore just over 1.75 pounds of clothing, while men’s clothing added just over 2.25 pounds. The study didn’t factor in shoes, which can vary greatly, so be sure to take those off before you get weighed.

If you’re thinking that the seasons surely bring a change in clothing weight, you’re right — but not by much. According to the study, cold seasons only add a maximum of 0.8 lbs more for women and 1.3 lbs more for men.

So there you have it. It’s not the 5 to 10 lbs you always thought (hoped) it was, but now you can know your real weight without having to guess.

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