Picture this likely scenario: You’re at Thanksgiving dinner, piling your plate high with all the season’s most delicious sides. But between your mile-high heap of mashed potatoes, that seriously large scoop of stuffing, and a gravy-smothered stack of turkey breast slices, you realize there just isn’t room for every side on that plate. So what gives?

Well, if you’re like many Americans, there is one dish you can easily pass on. Perhaps not surprisingly, the least-loved Thanksgiving food is canned cranberry sauce. Yup, that gelatinous, wiggly can-shaped side, just doesn’t do it for most people, according to Instacart’s Turkey Day Exposé. Nearly half of Americans (46%) say that canned cranberry sauce is “disgusting.” Maybe it’s the tin-shape that turns people off, as 31% of Americans reported serving their cranberries right out of the can (as opposed to mashing it up).

If this is your household, try making cranberry sauce using fresh cranberries. It’s the easiest side dish you’ll make all day.

So what about some other Thanksgiving offenders?

Other items people reportedly secretly dislike but eat because of tradition include green bean casserole (24%), sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole (22%), pumpkin pie (21%), and turkey (19%). Yes, even turkey — the main event! — has some haters, which just goes to show you, you can’t please everyone!

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