Pizza is amazing. But you already knew that. What you might not know is the best way to bring back that crispy, cheesy, melty goodness once you’ve stowed it in the fridge overnight (or on the counter — no judgement here.)

There are those, of course, who believe leftover pizza is best eaten cold. Yes, cold pizza can be a delicious option. But sometimes you want a warm meal to feed your soul. You want to resurrect the hot and greasy pizza and its gooey cheese you have such fond memories of from the night before.

So what’s the best way to bring your pizza back to life?

Well, anyone that’s ever been burnt by molten lava cheese can immediately rule out the microwave. Our go-to warmer of so many foods certainly fails the pizza test. You’ll walk away with a rubbery, wet sort of mess. But you do have a few other options.

So here they are. The three best ways to reheat leftover pizza:

Method #1: Reheat your pizza in the oven

If you’ve ever reheated pizza in the oven and opened the door only to find a say, dry slice, you may be weary of trying this method again. But here’s how to make sure you get it right:

Step 1: Preheat oven to 375ºF

Letting the oven fully heat up before you attempt to reheat your pizza will make sure it doesn’t get rubbery. The idea is to get your oven and your pan piping hot before the pizza ever comes into the picture.

Step 2: line a baking sheet with foil

This will make sure the melting cheese doesn’t stick and cause you a mess, then pop your sheet into the warming oven.

Step 3: bake your pizza

Use an oven mitt to carefully remove the hot baking sheet. Place your pizza slice(s) on the pan, and return sheet to oven. Cook pizza for about 10 minutes. The end results will be crispy and gooey exactly in exactly the right places, and all-over delicious.

Method #2: Reheat your pizza in the skillet

Yes, it’s less conventional, and it might even look a little weird. Aren’t skillets for stir-fry? But trust me here. Skillets can make your leftover pizza warm and delicious again in less time than a conventional oven.

Step 1: Heat the pizza in the skillet

Grab your best non-stick skillet (one with a lid) and place it over medium heat on your stove top. Toss in your cold slices, and let them soak up the warm for a few minutes.

Step 2: add some water

Careful here. You want to add a few drops of water to the pan, but ideally they won’t touch the pizza — and they certainly shouldn’t be sprinkled on top of the pizza. The goal is to create a little steam once you place the lid on.

Step 3: place the lid

Cover your skillet and let cook for another few minutes. The water will help steam and make the cheese gooey again, while the skillet will continue to crisp the crust. It’s a winner!


Grilled pizzas are so delicious, it only makes sense that grilled leftovers would be pretty darn good, too. Here’s how to pull it off:

Step 1: heat grill

Warm your grill for a few minutes until it reaches medium-high heat.

Step 2: heat your pizza

Throw your slices directly on the grates — no oil or anything required. Close the lid and let cook for about 5-7 minutes.

Step 3: check on it

After about 5 minutes, lift the lid to make sure the cheese is bubbly. Give it an extra minute if it doesn’t look like it’s back to its full former glory yet. When it looks good, it’s good.

So good! Mamma mia!

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