Thanksgiving is the one meal that brings the whole country together, but where you live determines what you can expect to feast on. While you’re sure to find roast turkey, stuffing and potatoes on nearly every table, how different regions interpret those recipes and what other sides are served is sure to vary.

Food giant General Mills tabulated its online search data from, and its other online food websites to bring us the results.

It would seem most states have the basics down, since not a single state had “turkey” as the most common search. Similarly, only Illinois is still confused about how to make mashed potatoes.

Most states want to know how to perfect side dishes and desserts. Casseroles, sweet potato pie and various sweets all made the list.

Some states stay true to character. It seems New Yorkers love learning how to perfect the  cheesecake. South Carolinians absolutely need their sweet potato pies. And Louisiana is all about that cornbread dressing.

A clear trend takes place in the Great Lakes Region with Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia all looking for buffalo chicken dip recipes.

And something called chicken spaghetti is apparently popular in Texas and Mississippi. *(Googles chicken spaghetti)* It’s a comfort food casserole dish full of spaghetti noodles topped with chicken, cheese and cream of mushroom soup. Why hasn’t this become a thing up north? Yum.

Anyway, results are skewed a bit to the types of recipes Americans usually rely on General Mills for — surely the Monkey Bread searches prove that. But it is an interesting look at what the country will be diving into for the biggest meal of the year.

Here is the most searched for Thanksgiving day recipe by state
Here is the most searched for Thanksgiving day recipe by state General Mills

Most search Thanksgiving recipe by state:

  • Alabama: Sausage balls
  • Alaska: Cinnamon rolls
  • Arizona: Shrimp
  • Arkansas: Chicken and dumplings
  • California: Macaroni and cheese
  • Colorado: Cranberry sauce
  • Connecticut: Butternut squash soup
  • Delaware: Sweet potato casserole
  • Florida: Pumpkin cheesecake
  • Georgia: Sweet potato casserole
  • Hawaii: Crescent rolls
  • Idaho: Biscuits
  • Illinois: Mashed potatoes
  • Indiana: Peanut butter cookies
  • Iowa: Monkey bread
  • Kansas: Pinwheels
  • Kentucky: Chicken and dumplings
  • Louisiana: Cornbread dressing
  • Maine: Chicken pot pie
  • Maryland: Crab cake
  • Massachusetts: Cheesecake
  • Michigan: Chili
  • Minnesota: Green bean casserole
  • Mississippi: Chicken spaghetti
  • Missouri: Breakfast casserole
  • Montana: Over-roasted vegetables
  • Nebraska: Monkey bread
  • Nevada: Peanut butter cookies
  • New Hampshire: Blueberry pie
  • New Jersey: Crab cake
  • New Mexico: Pecan pie
  • New York: Cheesecake
  • North Carolina: Sweet potato pie
  • North Dakota: Apple crisp
  • Ohio: Buffalo chicken dip
  • Oklahoma: Pecan pie
  • Pennsylvania: Buffalo chicken dip
  • Rhode Island: Monkey bread
  • South Carolina: Sweet potato pie
  • South Dakota: Pumpkin pie
  • Tennessee: Sausage balls
  • Texas: Chicken spaghetti
  • Utah: Crescent rolls
  • Vermont: Butternut squash soup
  • Virginia: Macaroni and cheese
  • Washington: Sugar cookies
  • West Virginia: Buffalo chicken dip
  • Wisconsin: Shrimp
  • Wyoming: Pork chop

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