American loves candy. That much is clear. And the fanciful, food-filled Christmas season only seems to add to our obsession. Christmas candy sales hit about $1.9 billion last in 2017 and they’re projected to reach a full $2 billion in 2019, according to the National Confectionary Association. Whether it’s chocolate candies decorating baked goods or candy canes dangling on trees (or grossing out your friends), it all adds up. But where you live might persuade your purchasing habits. released an interactive map revealing the results of their candy research: the top three most popular Christmas candies in each state. The online bulk candy distributor calculated more than 32,000 responses nationwide. And you just might be surprised by your state.


So what’s the most popular candy nationwide?

Candy canes, of course. Whether they’re used as decoration, stirring hot chocolate, or crushed up atop cookies, candy canes make an appearance just about everywhere this time of year. And the second most popular candy? Strangely enough for all of those who loathe candy corn, its Christmas cousin Reindeer Corn commands the second highest sales of any candy.

With Thanksgiving falling on the latest possible day this year, there’s a smaller time frame between Black Friday and Christmas, meaning less time for shopping. Yet, consumer confidence is high. The National Retail Federation projects the average consumer will spend about $110 on candy and food — slightly up from last year — for the upcoming holiday.

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