Every November novice cooks start to search for the recipes they’ll whip up in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. While it’s no surprise that the turkey itself actually got the award for most-Googled Thanksgiving dish in America, not every home cook ended his or her search there.

According to Satellite internet.com’s new analysis of food-related Google searches, there is plenty of regional variation to what type of Thanksgiving day kitchen help we’re looking for — as the map below shows.

The most Googled Thanksgiving recipe in every state
The most Googled Thanksgiving recipe in every state.

Green bean casserole takes the crown for most-searched recipe, after clearly, having a massive Midwest following. Corn casserole also sneaks its way into the middle of green bean territory — maybe we’re witnessing a takeover?

Massachusetts and Oregon seem to have a problem making cranberry sauce, while New Mexico, Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky are all about the sweet potatoes.

Maryland, Virginia, Mississippi, and Illinois want to know how to copy Popeyes Cajun turkey.

Despite having stuffing, mashed potatoes, and rolls, Delaware ad the Carolinas apparently think another carb is needed. They’re all searching for how to add mac and cheese to their Thanksgiving menu.

Alaska, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Washington are all about those desserts.

And oddly enough, with all of the amazing dishes out there, Utah and Idaho are searching for Jell-O. Perhaps its for Jell-O Pretzel salad or something else we don’t know about yet?

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