Each November when the leaves start to fall, we turn our attention to the upcoming Thanksgiving feast. But while we all look forward to plates piled high with food, what’s on those plates can vary greatly from region to region.

Cooks everywhere turn to the internet to make sure they’re ready with recipes that will please their guests. Satelliteinternet.com analyzed all of those food-related searches to find out which states are mostly likely to each which dish.

It’s no surprise that turkey was the most-Googled Thanksgiving dish across America, but beyond that, plenty of cooks were looking for other advice. And depending where you live, you were definitely more likely to search for different dishes.

Green bean casserole and corn casseroles were the next most-searched recipes after turkey, with a particularly heavy following in the Midwest.

Other searches were more localized. For instance, Vermonters seems to include ambrosia salad in their Thanksgiving spreads, while folks from Wyoming get excited for deviled eggs. Meanwhile, in Maryland, Virginia, Mississippi, and Illinois cooks want to know how to replicate Popeyes Cajun turkey. And oddly enough, Idaho and Utah are all about Jell-O this month.

So where does your state fall and do you agree?

The most-Googled Thanksgiving recipe in each state

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