Street names across the U.S. have become pretty predictable. You probably know people who live on a Pine, Maple, or Main Street. Chances are even greater that you know someone who lives on a Washington street or avenue (there are currently 4,974 streets with that name in the country), or a Second Steet (currently 10,866 of those!). It’s no one’s fault. We just got away from naming our streets after local lore. Thus, they lost their character.

That makes these tasty monikers all the more appealing. Some of these food-inspired street names come with confirmed history, but others will leave us hungry with no explanation at all. Still, if you’re a food fan, you’ll love the 13 tastiest street names in America.

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Never gets old. #fryingpanroad #route608

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Frying Pan Road

The street name ‘Frying Pan Road’ evokes both a longing for bacon as well as a nostalgia for days when streets signified some sort of history. The unusual name comes from a time when its entire surrounding community was known as Frying Pan. Today, the town, a suburb of Herdon, Virginia, is known as Floris, but the fun street name lives on.

Roast Meat Hill Road

No one is really sure how Roast Meat Hill Road in Killingworth, Connecticut got its unusual moniker, but it’s thought to be the oldest road in the town (first showing in town records in 1746). Explanations include fanciful tales of settlers and indians, fires and food.

Chicken Dinner Road

The origins of some names have been long lost, but the tale of Chicken Dinner Road in Idaho has been verified by a resident’s daughter. The story starts with Morris and Laura Lamb who lived along the road in the 1930s. In an attempt to sway Governor C. Ben Ross to improve the road, the Lambs invited him to none other than a chicken dinner. It seems that someone didn’t like the fowl play of politics and vandalized the street, painting, “Lamb’s Chicken dinner Avenue” in bright yellow along the street. The Lambs likely didn’t care much about the aggression because they ultimately got their road.

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Puddin’ Ridge Road

Residents of Moyock, North Carolina may have named their road because it would reportedly get so thick with mud after a rainfall, that it was like wading through pudding, according to a local.

Burnt Corn Road

It turns out Alabamans just can’t get enough Burnt Corn. Not only is it a street name, Burnt Corn Road is also the name of the community and a nearby creek, as well.

Butter & Egg Road

Butter & Egg Road runs just four blocks in northernmost Hazel Green, Alabama. It’s a short street, but with that kind of name, it’s highly memorable.

Egg / Butter Road

Not to be outdone by Butter & Egg Road in Alabama, Georgia comes through with its own take on baking essentials — Egg / Butter Road.

Tater Peeler Road

Whoever named this Lebanon, Tennessee street is surely a big fan of potato salad.

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smiley cookie Lane

Yes, it might be the happiest street name in the United States. Smiley Cookie Lane, in Cranberry Twp., Pennsylvania is named for regional restaurant Eat’n Park’s famous smiley faced sugar cookies.

Chicken Gristle Road

While naming your street after the throw-away part of the chicken isn’t great for tourism, this Granbury, Texas road is reportedly full of beautiful scenery.

Pop Corn Drive

It’s a sleepy street in Hendersonville, North Carolina not far from the South Carolina border.

Ice cream street

The dream street of every kid in the country. But then again, who wouldn’t want to live on this sweetly named street?

Candy Castle Lane

It’s good to know that if global warming forces Santa Claus to flee the North Pole, he’ll have a readymade town for him and his elves in the Midwest. The town of Santa Claus, Indiana has festive street names such as Candy Castle Lane, Sugar Bowl, Walnut Dr., and Candy Cane Lane.

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