Yard to Table


Rent The Chicken provides backyard birds for fresh eggs and down-home fun

If you’ve ever thought about raising hens but chickened out, Jenn and Phil Tompkins have an egg-sellent solution. The Armstrong County, Pennsylvania couple incubated their company, Rent The Chicken, to be a low-risk introduction to backyard bird farming. The business model is all about giving the general public an opportunity to get closer to one source of food, while taking the hard work and commitment out of raising birds. The concept is simple. For the $400 standard rental package, Rent The Chicken supplies a portable coop, food and water dishes, all the food you’ll need, two egg-laying hens, and some other fun odds and ends. Add $200 and get four chickens for your backyard brood. Rent The Chicken will take care of set-up and delivery as well as walking you through the basic information you’ll need to know to care for and enjoy your chickens, and their eggs, all summer long. The portable coop has a wire bottom and wheels which allow customers…