Immunity boosting orange carrot turmeric ginger juice

It’s official. It’s sickness season in the North East. There is no denying winter is here. Once the winter gloom sets in and you’re cooped up inside, it doesn’t take long to start feeling the sniffles set in. But food is your first line of defense against that expensive, unwanted trip to the doctor’s office. What you eat REALLY matters! Staying on top of your health and eating a generally healthy diet full of immunity-boosting foods can be the difference between floating through February and laying in bed for weeks managing a raw, red nose. There are lots of immunity boosting foods, including yogurt, green tea, almonds, garlic, and broccoli, but it’s probably citrus that most people turn to after they’ve caught a cold. And for a good reason! Citrus is full of vitamin C, which is through to increase the production of white blood cells—you body’s way of fighting…

Watermelon orange carrot ginger turmeric juice

Blending fresh watermelon with other ingredients makes for a refreshing, fruity beverage. This glowing orange recipe will keep you hydrated while helping you sneak in a few servings of fruits and veggies — what’s better than that? Plus, while researchers are still discovering the benefits of turmeric, it’s widely accepted that it has major benefits to your body and brain including such health heavy hitters as lowering risk of heart disease, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease. Five simple ingredients make this a truly delicious, super healthy recipe to whip up and enjoy any time of year. Watermelon Carrot Orange Ginger Turmeric Juice Serves 4 Ingredients 6 oranges About 1/4 of a large seedless watermelon 2 large carrots About 3 inches of fresh ginger root 1 tsp ground turmeric Directions Set juicer to citrus setting (or soft fruit setting), and juice the oranges and watermelon. Set juice to medium and juice…

Mellow yellow squash, apple, strawberry, turmeric juice

For some reason, it never occurred to me to juice squash. But as I scrambled for veggies to fill my juicer this morning — and saw my limited selection — I considered how delicious squash juice actually might be. I rinsed it off and tossed it down the juicing chute, and in seconds I was sampling the sweet, subtle flavor of squash juice. Squash is loaded with vitamin A, which is great for eye health and immunity. The vitamin C is great for faster healing and keeping skin firm and youthful. And the potassium helps muscles, blood pressure and aids in stroke prevention. Potassium is also an electrolyte, so it helps to maintain the balance of fluid in the body like a sports drink. Of course, these aren’t the only nutrients found in squash. They have many other essential and non-essential nutrients, but it’s just a glimpse of how, juicing squash can be a great nutrient boost to…

Not Your Mama’s Grapefruit Juice

Watch out. If it’s an mild morning juice you’re looking for to wash down your bran muffin, you’ve come to the wrong recipe. This spicy, citrus juice will leave you feeling alive — and your day will be better for drinking it too. Turmeric is becoming famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, the grapefruits give a big dose of vitamin C, beta-carotene rich carrots leave your eyes healthy and fresh, and ginger makes a the morning a little zestier. Grapefruit, Carrot, Ginger, Turmeric Juice Ingredients:  6 medium carrots 2 grapefruits, halved and peeled 1 inch fresh ginger 1 inch fresh turmeric (or 1 tsp. ground powder) Directions: Run ingredients through juicer barrel in the given order. If using ground turmeric, pour glass and stir in. Pour over ice. Enjoy. *Note: You can find fresh turmeric in many common grocery stores nowadays, but if you’re having difficulty, try a local Asian market.