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Loaded Tater Tot Kabobs load Game Day with fun, flavor

Unless you’re a fan of two lucky teams this year, chances are you’re not that excited about the Big Game next Sunday. All the more reason to step up your food game! Everyone knows that Super Bowl parties are really just about the eats anyway. This year, take these loaded tater tots out of the oven right at game time. They’re crispy, hot, and full of flavor. Plus, kids practically go nuts for food on sticks. (Actually, I think we all secretly love snacks on sticks.) Serve them with any number of dipping sauces. I’m from Pittsburgh, so ketchup is a must, but you could also serve ranch dip, sour cream and chives, salsa, mayo, or even mayo ketchup — if you’re into that sort of thing. Of course, any type of skewer or kabob will do. But I fell in love with these adorable little wooden football picks and had to…

Healthy avocado egg salad

This avocado and egg salad is one of my favorite homemade lunches because it’s healthy, tastes great and uses Greek yogurt instead of mayo! Tuna salads and egg salads are often passed off as healthy, but they’re so loaded with fatty mayo that you might as well have opted for a cheeseburger! This salad has only healthy fats from fresh avocado. Plus, it doesn’t have that gooey, wet consistency that mayo gives. Ew. I can hear the stickiness now. This salad is everything you want from a lunch — It’s easy to make ahead, it’s packed with protein, and it’s full of flavor thanks to the zingy Dijon mustard and smokey turkey bacon. Substitute the bread and arugula for a large lettuce leaf to cut carbs, if that’s your thing.  Either way, it’s the guilt-free lunch you need for healthy resolutions in the New Year! Healthy Avocado Egg Salad Ingredients…