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The most searched Super Bowl recipe in your state

No matter who makes it in the Super Bowl this year, one thing everyone can get behind is a table full of delicious appetizers. And let’s be honest, some people will only be there for the food, so you better make it good! Google released a list of the most-searched football playoff recipes by state to help you out. They results have been divided into five categories: dips/salsa, dessert, wings, chili, and other. Everything from porchetta sandwiches in Alabama to homemade Oreo cookies in Wyoming, cornbread cake, and grilled pork belly made the cut. Check out your state’s favorite snack when watching football below. Most searched Super Bowl recipe by state: Alabama — Porchetta Alaska — Spinach Quiche Arizona — Cornbread Cake Arkansas — Cheese Dip California — Cupcakes Colorado — Queso Dip Connecticut — Cupcakes Delaware — Chili Florida — Spinach Artichoke Dip Georgia — Pico De Gallo Hawaii…