5 weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets you need right now

The kitchen basics are pretty easy to cover. If you have your pots, your pans, and a few mixing bowls, ย you can whip up pretty much anything you want in some form. But there are many less-traditional tools that make cooking faster and way more fun. It’s time to explore more than just your standard spoons and spatulas and find new solutions that can fix common cooking annoyances. Here are our 10 favorite kitchen gadgets that are worth a glance: 1. A Guacamole Bowl The problem: Your guac turns brown within a few hours. The solution: The Fresh Guacamole Keeper keeps your guac fresh and green for days. No, really! The lid presses down on top of the avocado, pushing out the air, and creating a seal on top. That brown layer never has a chance to form. Where to buy it:ย Guac Bowl, $12.99. 2. Pineapple Corer The problem: Preparing…