summer salad


9 Tips for making the perfect fruit salad

Summertime is synonymous with fresh fruit, so it’s no wonder why we consume so much fruit salad during these warm months. It’s sweet, refreshing and so easy to make, but for those in the know, there is actually more to it than just chopping up a bunch of fruit and tossing it in a bowl. Not all fruit salads are created equal. There are a few tricks you can follow to enhance the flavors and make the dish more pleasing to the eye. Here are 9 tricks to help you make your best fruit salads this summer, and all year long. 1. Buy fruit in season Fruit is flown in daily from around the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s fresh. It was likely picked weeks ago — before it was ripe and ready. It was packaged, bruised, stored and shipped before it ever made it to your grocery market. Instead, you…

Explore the fresh flavors of Tabouli quinoa salad

Maybe you call it tabouli, or maybe it’s tabbouleh?  Or, maybe you don’t call it anything because you’ve never heard of it. But what’s important, is the fresh flavors you’re about to behold. Tabouli (pronounced tə-ˈbü-lē) is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. The vegetarian salad is classically made with cracked wheat, loads of fresh parsley and ripe tomatoes — among other ingredients like quality extra virgin olive oil and zesty lemon juice. Originally from Lebanon, tabouli has become one of the most popular salads throughout Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines and has become popular in American food in recent years, as well. With so many countries adopting the dish, there are truly endless variations. If you don’t mind dicing and chopping for 20 minutes, you’ll have a fresh and extremely healthy salad full of bright tastes, textures and colors. It’s one of those dishes that measuring out ingredients just isn’t necessary, but I…