Teacher’s “Bread Trick” Reminds Kids Hand Washing is important

Flu season is officially here. It’s time to stock up hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap and, of course, Kleenex. If you or your kids ever questioned if maybe our modern obsession with hand washing wasn’t just all a little overboard, just ask Donna Gill Allen, a Health Occupation teacher at Cape Fear High school in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A shocking experiment Allen did with her students has gone viral. “You let all the kids see you put a piece of bread in a baggy with a glove on, hence “controlled,” then you wash your hands and put a piece of bread in a baggy for “clean.” Last, but definitely not least, you pass a piece of bread around and let every kid in class touch it, then you put it in a baggy and label it dirty,” Allen said in a Facebook post. Then you let the bags sit in a place where…

College campuses with the best food

Every year the Princeton Review ranks America’s 382 best colleges, but students say, one category compiled for the list is becoming increasingly important. “In researching our guides to help high school students determine the best college for them, we have learned that food is becoming an increasingly important factor in their decision-making process,” said Rob Franek, Editor in Chief of The Princeton Review. Students are more health conscious then ever before, and they want to know that when they move to their new environment, they can continue to eat the diet they’re nutritionally and morally accustomed to — or looking to upgrade to. Many schools are committed to offering students healthy food options, but a few have gone above and beyond to offer sustainable and sometimes locally-sourced foods, nutrition classes, and extensive recycling and composting programs. Here are the top 10 ranked colleges for food, according to the students who dine there. University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA…