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The funniest food-related street names in America

Street names across the U.S. have become pretty predictable. You probably know people who live on a Pine, Maple, or Main Street. Chances are even greater that you know someone who lives on a Washington street or avenue (there are currently 4,974 streets with that name in the country), or a Second Steet (currently 10,866 of those!). It’s no one’s fault. We just got away from naming our streets after local lore. Thus, they lost their character. That makes these tasty monikers all the more appealing. Some of these food-inspired street names come with confirmed history, but others will leave us hungry with no explanation at all. Still, if you’re a food fan, you’ll love the 13 tastiest street names in America. https://www.instagram.com/p/-wVTyPLWOJ/ Frying Pan Road The street name ‘Frying Pan Road’ evokes both a longing for bacon as well as a nostalgia for days when streets signified some sort…