Alton Brown shares genius tip for cooking steak

Alton Brown is known for his quirky personality and kooky — yet incredibly helpful — cooking tips. So when he posted a picture of a steak covered in mayonnaise to his Instagram account, fans knew it was worth looking into. (Remember when he told us to cook meatballs in an egg carton? Or how about juice a watermelon with an immersion blender?) Brown captioned the photo: “I didn’t have any oil or butter so..” https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn45Aa-HXwX/ It turns out that coating meat with mayo is actually nothing new to savvy chefs of the world. After all, mayonnaise is just eggs and oil, so the condiment can actually add more flavor to steaks and seafood than olive oil can do alone. This trick has also been used by grilled cheese masters to develop a crispier exterior. They mayo actually raises the smoking point, so the sandwich can be kept on the griddle longer, allowing…

10 Restaurants Owned by Former NFL players

Former NFL players. Present foodies. Most athletes will spend the majority of their time focusing solely on their skills. They will clock endless off-field hours fine-tuning their physiques so they stay at the top of their game. The most successful and marketable athletes will spend time, with the help of an agent, crafting a public persona—giving interviews, attending fan events, endorsements and appearances. After a physically challenging career, most athletes will disappear from the public eye to a world of beautiful houses, cars and chiropractor visits. Others will get in to commentary. Still others, will pursue a different industry all-together: food service. What is it about athletes that makes us flock to their restaurants? Maybe, we think athletes know something about nutrition. This might be true, except most of their restaurants revolve around red meat. Maybe we feel a solidarity with the other diners. Or maybe, we think, somehow, it…