How your favorite chefs make mashed potatoes

If there’s one side dish we can all agree deserves a spot on the Thanksgiving table it’s mashed potatoes, but how exactly those spuds are smashed will vary in every home across the country. Not all cooking methods are created equal, so we consulted our favorite celebrity chefs for tips on how to take this traditional holiday dish to the next level. Ina Garten The Barefoot Contessa swears that Yukon Gold potatoes, with their slightly yellow color, are the best variety for mashed tots. She runs them through a food mill, then adds rich butter and sour cream for this good old-fashioned comfort food. https://youtu.be/pTJMM4yusMg ALTON BROWN Alton and Ina must share recipes. This recipe is remarkably close to Ina’s, but it’s probably more of a professional consensus that this is, in fact, one of the best ways to make mashed potatoes. Alton also swears by running Yukon Gold potatoes through a food mill then adding butter, heavy cream,…

If you’re addicted to carbs, it might not be your fault

It turns out that those pasta and garlic bread binges might not be your fault. Yep. Not that it helps your waistline, but you might feel a tiny bit relieved. In a recent study, scientists discovered that some of us have a genuine weakness for carbohydrates, which makes us crave them even more. Our tastebuds are to blame. Some folks are more sensitive to the taste of starchy carbs, causing them to eat more of them — and likely gain weight as a result of this sensitivity, reported Newsweek. Scientists were surprised by these findings, since carbohydrates weren’t previously thought to have a taste. “It’s typically sugar, with its hedrnically pleasing sweet taste, that is the most sought after carbohydrate,” professor and lead researcher Russell Keast said in a statement. However, this new research shows that non-sweet carbs might actually have a detectable taste to some, Keast says. In fact, the research team…