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Here’s how to spring clean your spice rack

You might be diligent about spring cleaning every year, but when was the last time you cleaned out your spice rack? Spices and herbs don’t spoil the same way produce or dairy does, but time does cause them to lose their potency and flavor. To help you decide what to keep and what to toss, McCormick Spice posted some interesting information on Facebook. According the Maryland-based spice maker, any spice label that says “Baltimore, MD” is way out of date. The company hasn’t produced spices there for at least 25 years. McCormick was founded in 1889 in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, but moved it’s production plant to Hunt Valley, Maryland about a quarter century ago. McCormick recommends replacing their ground spices, like nutmeg, cinnamon or curry, every two or three years, and their whole spices, like cloves, every three to four years. Seeds such as anise have a shelf life of about four…

15 Foods that Can Last Forever on your Shelf

Birds are chirping and green grass is growing. It’s all a sign to American households that it’s time for a much needed spring cleaning. But your annual overhaul shouldn’t be limited to your clothing closets. Chances are, your kitchen pantry could benefit from a little tidying too. Sure, you know you need to toss that stale box of cereal. And those graham crackers you left open last weekend surely should go, too. But many other items aren’t going to be as obvious. The expiration date food system can be confusing. There are as many as a dozen different ways processed food companies stamp their goods to tell us when to toss and when to keep — Sell By, Use By, Best Before. The list goes on. A new voluntary initiative is being led by two major trade associations, Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), that will streamline…