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This is what makes Prosecco and Champagne different

As you stroll down the aisle at your local liquor store, you would be forgiven if you thought there wasn’t much of a difference between all of the pale gold bottles of bubbly. They all look so similar! But Champagne, Prosecco and simple sparkling wine are three totally different drinks whose names distinguish them from one another. If you’re just looking to pick up something for your holiday party, any of these festive bottles will suffice. But, if you want to look smart, you should know the difference โ€” plus it’s really simple to remember. Here’s how to pick the best bottle for New Year’s Eve. Also see: Tips to prevent that horrible Champagne hangover. Sparkling wine Sparkling wine refers to pretty much any type of wine with bubbles. Champagne, Prosecco, Cava โ€” they’re all sparkling wines. They just happen to be the three most common types. The term “sparking…