You’ll soon be spending more for that cheap wine

Just when you found a few good, cheap wines to rely on, they’re about to get way more expensive. According to data from the Paris-based International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), wine production was down this year to the lowest production levels seen since 1957. According to Reuters, it’s the weather causing the problem. Three of the world’s top wine producers, Italy, France and Spain, were hit by harsh and unusual weather last year, like drought, hailstorms and late spring frost, leading to an overall drop of 14.6 percent in production. The 2017 harvest only brought 25 billion liters of wine. That’s down from the 2015 harvest which produced 27.6 billion liters, and the 2016 harvest which brought 26.7 billion liters. The continent accounts for 65 percent of global wine production. The OIV told the Independent that this doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a shortage of wine unless the weather conditions and poor harvest…

Fresh and easy summer tomato, peach, jalapeño gazpacho

If you’re expecting an abundance of tomatoes, let me suggest an easy way to them up: gazpacho. Gazpacho is a traditional dish from the Andalusia region of southern Spain. Cities in the area, including Córdoba and Seville, average summer temperatures nearing 100ºF, so it’s no wonder locals have their pulse on what makes a refreshing but nutritious summer meal. Unappetizingly, the vegetable-based, soup-like dish is sometimes referred to as a “liquid salad” or “cold soup” — but don’t let that scare you. The flavors fall somewhere between tangy vegetable juice, veggie soup and Mexican salsa, but it’s a unique dish all on its own, that in no way begs to be warmed. When your fruit baskets start filling with an excess tomato crop, try whipping up a batch of gazpacho and serving with a loaf of garlic bread. You’ll keep yourself, or your family, full, cool and satisfied. Summer tomato, peach,…