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15 foods that are illegal in the United States

America might be the land of the free, but when it comes to food, Uncle Sam has put up a few restrictions.ย If you live in the United States and have a hankering for haggis or horse meat, you’ll have to hop the pond. For others, you’ll have to head to Africa or Asia. As Americans, we can enjoy endless, delicious food options at a moment’s notice, so we may wonder why anyone would want to eat some of this stuff anyway. Paralysis-causing puffer fish? Fatality-causing fruit? No thank you! We’ll take a Whopper. Here are 15 foods illegal in the United States: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtCV0oTlIT2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Horse Meat Horse meat is actually a fairly popular food in other countries. Travel to Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, China or Poland, and you’ll find people eating it without a second thought. But in the U.S. slaughtering horses for food is considered illegal, as is the importation…