November produce: What’s in season?

Summer might seem like the time for the tastiest fruits and the vegetables, but there is plenty of produce that grows in colder weather or even in neighboring tropical climates. Fruits and veggies tastes best when you eat them in season, so while you might be bummed your favorite berries are bitter this time of year, there are still tons of great options for eating in seasonย items that are ripe right now. Here is what will give you peak flavor in November: Apples Apples are the perfect fall ingredients, adding flavor to foods both sweet and savory. Plus, they’re delicious all on their own. Chop fresh apples in your oatmeal, bread, or yogurt for a healthy dose of fiber, vitamin B-6, and vitamin C. Artichokes Artichokes are delicious and fun to eat. They make an appearance at many holiday tables because they are ripe and ready this time of year.…