How much turkey should you buy per person? And other turkey questions, answered

There are a lot of decisions the Thanksgiving host has to make. Cranberry sauce; fresh or canned? A side of carrots or corn? Pumpkin or apple pie? (That answer there is easy. Both!). But perhaps the most important question of them all: How many pounds of turkey do I need to buy? How much turkey should i buy per person? As a rule of thumb, you should aim for about 1 1/2 pounds of turkey per person. Don’t forget that number takes into considering the weight of the bones, giblets, and a bit of leftovers too. That means, if you’re having 8 adult guests, you’re going to want a 12 pound turkey. Of course, if you have a bunch of big eaters or turkey lovers — or think you might get a few unexpected last minute guests — you’ll want to go up from there. When should you buy your turkey?…

Study shows time spent with friends has lasting positive health effects

It turns out all those dinner parties might actually be good for your health. A recent study reveled that good friends impact your health as you age. The study, conducted at Northwestern University found that some elderly people credited their longevity and good health to fulfilling social lives — and they could be right. Researchers, found a notable link between brain health and positive relationships. The study looked at 50 elderly participants, periodically, over the course of nine years. The study looked at 31 “SuperAgers” — men and women over 80 who have memories comparable of those two to three decades younger then them — and 19 elderly folks with average cognitive abilities for their age. Every few years, the participants were asked to fill out surveys, take neuropsychological tests, brain scans and neurological examinations, among other evaluations. Of the 42-item survey on their psychological well-being, the greatest difference between SuperAgers and their…