10 foods you’ve probably never grilled before

You’ve uncovered your grill for the season and have already eaten more chicken and burgers than you can count. You’ve even grilled some peppers and veggies as extra sides. But besides these basics, does the lack of diversity have you wondering what else can you make on the grill? Get the most out of your grill this summer by whipping up these unexpected recipes. 1. Mussels Cooking mussels might be the easiest item to cook in the history of grilling. Just heat up the grill and set the mussels onto of the grill to cook. You know they’re done when they open (about 5 to 10 minutes). Garnish with a bit of parsley and black pepper. Serve with melted butter. 2. Oysters Bring that vacation beach vibe to your backyard with grilled oysters. They take on a light, smoky flavor that’s sure to be your new favorite way of eating oysters.…

Delicious party rings your guests can’t pass up

Party rings are always so inviting. They’re packed with all kinds of goodness, and you can cut off as much or as little as you want to eat. And every circle has a center, meaning a built-in hole for a delicious dip meant to be shared with friends. Sure, there is shrimp cocktail, but there’s a whole world of ideas out there from buffalo chicken to biscuits and gravy. Party rings usually simple to make and pretty to look at, making them the perfect thing to bring to a holiday get-together. Here are 10 party food rings you can make and take to your next party. Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring It’s easy, spicy, and who doesn’t love buffalo chicken dip? https://www.pinterest.com/pin/154881674664849364/ Garlic knot chicken alfredo ring There are just too many good things in that title to pass up. Yum! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/405183297717303686/ Chili Dog bread ring This would be a hit at any kids party, for…