Pistachio Pesto Recipe

If you haven’t peaked into your garden lately, you’ll likely find it blooming with basil! Which means one thing โ€” it’s time for a million batches of fresh, homemade pesto. (Also see these 12 tips for making your most perfect pesto) The only thing I don’t dig about making basil is those pricey pine nuts. For this recipe, we’re going to skip them and add a slightly more cost saving nut โ€” the pistachio. Plus, if you’re like me, I’m way more willing to just pop a few pistachios in my mouth as a snack. Pine nut leftovers? They might just go to waste. Pistachios pair perfectly with a traditional pesto recipe. They add their slightly sweet, rich nutty flavor. And as with any pesto recipe, this one is quick, easy, and mixes up perfectly in a food processor or even a blender if that’s all you have. Brush it…