Parmesan crisps make for a perfect, crunchy appetizer

One ingredient recipe? I’m totally in. These paper-thin wafers make for incredible appetizers. A thin layer of fresh-grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is sprinkled into a hot non-stick pan until it bubbles and forms a lacy pattern, full of delicious cheese flavor. Your appetizer effort can end there. But you may also choose to top with a touch more flavor by adding basil, sesame seeds, cumin or black pepper. I chose to use thin jalapeño slices on some and a dried garlic and rosemary blend on others — our ingredient count is still only at three so I figured that was still in the “insanely easy” category of cooking. It’s best to experiment a little at first so you can get the heat in the pan just right. Once you have it right, you can turn out tons of them in no time. Make sure your cheese is real Parm-Reggiano or another hard, grating cheese.…