Where to find PBR’s 99 can case of beer

This holiday season you can adorn your home with 99 bottles, er… cans, of beer on your wall.ย Yes,ย Pabst Blue Ribbon released a monstrous 99 can pack of PBR beer.ย As you would expect, the pack contains 99 cans of beer and is aptly named the 99 Pabst. The case looks to be about six-or seven-feet long, and it appears you might need a friend to help carry it. Each case contains three types of PBR: Original, Easy (with is a light lager), and Extra (with contains more ABV than the original). The pack was first released in 2017 and sold for $59.99, but was sadly only available in Quebec, Canada. Some recent reports are saying that it now costs about $175… which despite being a huge jump, still wouldn’t be a terrible price for almost 100 beers. But let’s hope the $59.99 is the real going rate this time around, too.…