Old Bay


How to make your own Old Bay Seasoning

Seafood recipes scream for a healthy dose of Old Bay Seasoning. If you don’t have that iconic tin hanging around the house, don’t fret. You can mix up your own with ingredients you probably already have in your cabinet. Plus, it’s always better to make your own spice blends because then you can adjust the heat according to your tastes. Old Bay Seasoning is the most beloved spice blends of the Mid-Atlantic, the South, and through parts of New England and the Gulf Coast โ€” and for a good reason. It’s the perfect way to kick your seafood up a notch. But if you think it’s only for fish dishes, you’re missing out. Have some fun with it! Try it as a popcorn topper, add a pinch to melon slices, or sprinkle on top of your dinner rolls before baking. Rim the glass of your next Bloody Mary, dash it…

Pickle Soup is quirky, fun, and a really big dill

Pickles have been somewhat of a sensation lately. The beloved briny cucumbers show up in everything now days from icy slushies to creamy dips and fried chips. So I say, why not soup? There are several different recipes out there circulation around the web, but I think this variation is the best. The bold color flecks of veggies look delicious in the bright yellow broth. It’s tangy and salty, yet mild enough to enjoy a whole bowl โ€” and then another, and another… It’s addicting and delicious and you just might make a believer out of folks less fanatical about pickles than yourself. I definitely recommend dill kosher pickles, because is there any other pickle? The snap makes every bite the best bite. I like to finely chop all of the ingredients to make it easy to eat and pour. Plus, I think it looks most delicious. Serve it hot…