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The best towns to live in for pizza lovers

When you’re looking to move, there are a lot of factors to consider: job opportunities, schools, taxes, distance from family. But that all pales in comparison to the importance of pizza. Yes, proximity to and the number of pizza restaurants is important if you ask true pizza fanatics. Pizza lovers looking to surround themselves with what matters most should consider a recent ranking released by Apartmentguide.com revealing the 10 best places to live for pizza lovers. Enjoy 25 mouthwatering facts about pizza. To establish the ranking, Apartmentguide.com took the number of pizza establishments in each town and the number of overall restaurants available, and determined what percentage of those overall eating options in a particular town were specifically pizza. And no, surprisingly it’s not all New York and Chicago, either. So, pizza lovers, pack your bags! Make a move to these towns and you’ll surely find other pizza-loving people just…