Tips for storing your Halloween candy so it will last longer

The end of October typically means way too much candy — even for those with the most insatiable sweet tooth. Whether you have kids bringing home big bags of candy, or you overestimated how much you needed for trick-or-treating, chances are, you’re going to need to store some for later. If you want to enjoy your candy haul slowly, it’s vital you know how to properly store your candies. If not, you could end up with a melty mess or scary flavors later on. Candy bars are very high in sugar and low in moisture — a combination that inhibits bacterial growth. This keeps them naturally edible for really long periods of time, but you can extend their shelf-life even further with a little care. Here are some tips from the National Confectioners Association that will leave your candy tasting fresh, long after your jack-o-lantern has gone dark. Candy Storage in…

Your favorite candy bars will have less calories by 2022

Candy companies are responding to consumer cries for healthier foods and smaller portion sizes. More than a dozen candy companies including Mars, Nestle, Ferrara, Lindt & Sprungli and Ferrero Rocher, promised the Partnership for a Healthier America, a foundation chaired by former first lady Michelle Obama, to reduce the size of 50 percent of their products to less than 200 calories by 2022, reported The Washington Post. As part of the initiative, the companies also agreed to include front-of-package nutrition information for no less than 90 percent of their products. “It’s a big commitment, and a big shift,” John Downs, chief executive of the National Confectioners Association told The Washington Post. But, he added, “obviously there’s an important and ongoing conversation around sugar in the U.S., and around the world … and our industry has been discussing how we can be a productive part of that conversation.” About 30 percent of American candies have already…