10 foods you’ve probably never grilled before

You’ve uncovered your grill for the season and have already eaten more chicken and burgers than you can count. You’ve even grilled some peppers and veggies as extra sides. But besides these basics, does the lack of diversity have you wondering what else can you make on the grill? Get the most out of your grill this summer by whipping up these unexpected recipes. 1. Mussels Cooking mussels might be the easiest item to cook in the history of grilling. Just heat up the grill and set the mussels onto of the grill to cook. You know they’re done when they open (about 5 to 10 minutes). Garnish with a bit of parsley and black pepper. Serve with melted butter. 2. Oysters Bring that vacation beach vibe to your backyard with grilled oysters. They take on a light, smoky flavor that’s sure to be your new favorite way of eating oysters.…

Alton Brown’s Genius Meatball Baking Hack You’ll Want to Copy

If you consider the perfect meatball, you probably think a crispy exterior with a juicy interior, seasoned well and smothered in simmering tomato sauce. But until now, meatball bakers have typically tossed them on a sheet pan where they would simmer in their own grease and retain a bit too much of that sogginess. Food innovation is a marvelous thing. Television show host, chef and author Alton Brown took to Instagram to share with us his genius hack for solving this dilemma. He posted, “Thinking about the time I roasted my meatballs in an egg carton to wick away the grease. #crispyallover.” Fans responded in the comments with praise. Using Alton’s hack, the grease pools that usually form when baking meatballs are soaked up by the cardboard egg carton. This allows the meat to form a crispy exterior shell. (With grease-soaked paper in the oven, be sure to keep a careful watch!) Recipe…