Why ordering a large pizza is always a better deal

The next time you size up and order a large pizza, convince yourself it’s because you’re a smart, savvy shopper โ€” not that you just want an excuse to eat more pizza.ย It turns out that ordering a large really is always the best deal. Yes, it’s true, and it goes against all basic reason. You’ve probably been hanging out with some friends before and decided to order two 12-inch smaller pizzas, thinking that overall you’re getting more pizza to feed the group. But not only are you probably paying more, you’re also getting less pizza. Don’t believe it?ย It’s called the Pizza Equation, and ASAP Science has the math to prove it. See also, 25 Mouthwatering Facts About Pizza. https://youtu.be/YAawHbPiQfo One large, 18-inch pie actually gives you a full 28 more square inches of pizza than two small 12-inch pies. This makes the larger pizza the better deal. This is because…