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How to make a buttermilk substitute at home

Buttermilk is one of those annoying ingredients you either have too much of, or you don’t have at all. It’s usually sold in cartons larger than you need, so leftovers sit in the fridge for weeks. By the time you need it again, the milk will have gone bad. If you’re tired of this endless bad buttermilk cycle, do not fret. There is a solution! Make your own. A bit about buttermilk Buttermilk is an acid, so recipes that call for it won’t turn out right if you just use plain milk. You need a substitute with the same acidity as buttermilk. This acid is usually required to create a reaction with baking soda or other leavening agent in the recipe. Regular milk just isn’t acidic enough. Substituting with plain milk will also produce drier, less flavorful baked goods and can reduce the rise on your muffin tops, biscuits or other…

Lemon poppy seed pancakes with Greek yogurt

Spring mornings just scream for bright and sunshiny breakfasts like these lemon poppy seed pancakes. They’re not too heavy, and the fresh citrus taste is so enjoyable to wake up to. But let’s face it: breakfast for dinner is always a delicious option. You’ll look forward to these homemade pancakes no matter what time the meal. This fun pancake recipes use a full cup of Greek yogurt for added protein, plus plenty of lemon zest and crunchy poppy seeds so you know you’re eating something special. Trust me, the flavor does not get lost here. If you’re a fan of lemon poppy seed anything, these won’t disappoint. A simple, quality maple syrup drizzled on top is a perfect touch, but a fruit flavored syrup like raspberry, blueberry or strawberry would go great, too. Try adding a cup of any of these fruits fresh to your batter for something a little different. This batch makes a whole…