Colcannon is the traditional Irish dish you must try

Lots of foods have become synonymous with Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day — Soda Bread, Shepherd’s Pie, and corned beef, to name a few. But have you ever heard of colcannon? It might be lesser-known on a global scale, but to the Irish, it’s a true taste of home. Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made with mashed potatoes, cabbage (or kale) and leeks, yet somehow, most parade-going, Irish heritage-loving Americans have never heard of it. It’s tasty (picture rich potatoes and lightly crunchy cabbage cradling a pool of melty butter) and easy to make, so it’s surprising it never caught on here on our side of the pond. The name colcannon is said to have originated from the Gaelic phrase “cal ceannann,” meaning white-headed cabbage — the vegetable most commonly mixed into the potatoes. During the 17th and 18th centuries, potatoes, cabbage, and leeks were considered to be food for the…

What produce is in season in January: Citrus, beets, and more

Happy New Year, everyone! Whether you’re a lifelong healthy eater or just taking the first steps toward your New Year’s resolution, it’s easy to get tripped up on what healthy produce options are in season and available during the cold winter months. Sure you can buy nearly anything you want in the supermarket, but that doesn’t mean those strawberries shipped halfway around the world are going to be any good. To stick to your healthy diet (and detox from all of those holiday cookies), you need to know what’s going to taste best during this coldest month for growing. So what is in season in January? For most of the country, not a whole lot. But between cheery citrus and crunchy root vegetables, there’s still plenty of foods grown around the country to inspire your cooking through the season. Citrus Most of the citrus grown in the States comes from Florida,…