Disney’s Glowing Lavender Lemonade Looks Sweet for Summer

To commemorate Disney California Adventure’s new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, the park created a special menu for the Summer of Heroes celebration. The large $9 sourdough Baby Groot-shaped bread was the first epic item to take off. The character-inspired bread is baked fresh at Disney California Adventure’s Boudin Bakery, and using black olives for eyes and jalapeño cheddar for hair, looks just like the lovable on-screen character. But it’s the glowing Infinity-Ade drink that is popping up all over Instagram now. At $8, the lavender lemonade comes with a glow cube that you can save all use at home all summer. Reportedly, you can choose your own “stone” color. One fan wrote of the new non-alcoholic drink, “[It] is a lavender lemonade with a sugar/ lavender rim. You can choose your “infinity stone” aka the color setting of the glow cube,” and gave it a high recommendation. Another reviewer…

10 Unusual Recipes Using Coconut Water

Coconut water is so much more than a basic beverage. Coconut water became a health food craze a few years back, and even though it’s not longer in the nightly news, hopefully it’s still a part of your diet in some way. Research on the slightly sweet, nutty-flavored liquid is encouraging. It’s said to have antioxidant properties, defend against diabetes and kidney stones, lower blood pressure and provide a perfect hydration blend of potassium, magnesium and sodium if consumed after prolonged exercise. Try these recipes for new ways to use your favorite coconut water. We all know it’s delicious on its own, but it’s fun to find new ways to incorporate the naturally sweet drink in your diet. QUICK COCONUT & CHIA SEED PUDDING PINEAPPLE, LIME COCONUT WATER COCONUT LAVENDER LEMONADE RECIPE Coconut Sorbet Coconut Water & Fresh Blackberry Gelatin Cucumber Noodles with Coconut Lime Cumin Dressing DEATH BY CHOCOLATE BLENDER BROWNIES COCONUT LATTE OVERNIGHT…