irish soda bread


Irish soda bread recipe

Contrary to popular belief, soda bread didn’t originate in Ireland. It actually got its start with the Native Americans well before European colonization, yet the simple bread was easily adopted during the increasing poverty and famine of 19th century Ireland. Soda bread requires only a few ingredientsโ€”flour, buttermilk, baking soda, and salt, so it was an economical choice and soon became a staple in the Irish diet during those difficult times. Legend has it that a cross was cut into the top of every loaf to ward off the devil and protect the household. The original loaves were generally baked in iron pots or griddles in open hearths.ย Today’s Irish soda bread typically includes add-ins to enhance the flavor. Butter, sugar, raisins, and seeds are almost always included nowadays. Pair your hearty Irish soda bread with soup, stew, or this Crock Pot Guinness Pot Roast for a true taste of the…